We were one of the first to introduce craft beer to America. And we’re proud to say Goose IPA has stood the test of time.

Goose island ipa

Does India Pale Ale actually come from India?

You’d have thought. But no, the first IPA beer was brewed in Britain in the 19th century then taken over to India with the East India Company. Hops acted as a preservative, and lent British IPA its signature bitter taste. Like so many beers, IPA has quite a history. If you're keen to brush up before your next pint, you can read more about it here.

What style is an IPA beer?

India Pale Ale gets an unfair reputation for being bitter and boozy. But there’s so much more to this style than that. Perhaps some brewers in the past might’ve got carried away with hoppy bitterness, or high ABV. But the modern approach when brewing an IPA beer pushes the style boundaries. Exploring the fruitiness of hops, for example. Or creating a sessionable IPA in a lower strength.

Great hops make     
great goose beer

It’s why we grow varieties over in the world’s biggest hop farm. 60 varieties, in fact. So whether you’re after a spicy aroma or a tropical lift, goose island beer’s got your taste buds looked after.